It PAYS to be FreAkY

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Daniel Craig, yeah, I'd flog that
We over here are not usually in the business of telling people how to enjoy, or at the very least, tolerate the sex you're having with whatever man-meat you've dragged into the bedroom, but when science shows a creeper what's what, we have a hard time rationalizing not forcing everyone to worship at the altar of TRUTH. A recent study done by a University in the Netherlands shows that practitioners of BDSM are likely to feel more confident and less crazy than their Vanilla counterparts.  We at Creep recommend that you break out those whips and chains and get your freak on.  Remember: now that you have a new hobby, learn the ground rules. Make sure to come up with a safe word, you don't want to accidentally kill your lover.  It would be hard to argue that you were defending yourself if your guy is bruised, bloodied and hogtied on your bedroom floor. Another tip for enjoying BDSM is to KEEP TRYING even if you might not, 'like it' at first.  The only way you're going to learn to love kinky sex is if you are persistent.

You can read more about the study here.