Ask A Creep

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Dear Creep,
2 besties in bed. What could possibly go wrong?

What do I do if I want to date my best friend who is HIV positive? He’s the first guy friend that I’ve ever had, and I am totally in love with him.


Boner for Buddy


6 Healthy Relationship Tips

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Habit #1: Keeping A Relationship Scorecard

What it is: A relationship scorecard is where you keep a running tally, preferably in a special relationship notebook that you take with you everywhere, of all the wrongs your man has ever committed against you. The idea is to create an accurate and detailed list of everything he’s done wrong so that whenever you’re in a bad mood or trying to teach him a lesson, you can bathe him in the deep and frigid waters of guilt.


Catfishing for Champions

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Who he thinks he's talking to   VS    Who he's actually talking to
You’ve finally done it. You’ve convinced that special guy you’ve been chatting up for the past couple months to come meet you *~*Chez Toi*~* for dinner and a little bit of who knows what (sexy time)! It is super easy to blow this chance at lifelong romance.

 Read on  for some great tips on how to reveal your most charming qualities and make an impression he'll never forget....


Hacking the Mack: How to get game spit all over you

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Have you ever felt like you’re less than perfect? That was a stupid question, because obviously you’re not perfect. I mean, if you’re reading this, Patti Stanger, you’re clearly the only exception to the rule. Everyone else? Get real.

Every girl longs to be looked at this way.
The trouble with the sexual revolution is that, as society has become more accepting of non-puritanical practices, people have begun to raise their standards. It is no longer enough to be a skank on the street corner, we now have to meet all kinds of ridiculous expectations like “smelling good” or “being talkative and engaging.” Sometimes, it just feels like there’s nothing we can do to get hit on. But that, my dearest lovelies, is why you’re right here, reading this blog.


Making the Crop: How to Fashion a Strong Presence on His Instagram Feed

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The secret to a healthy, lasting relationship is a strong photo presence on Instagram. Guys like to brag about their women, and these days, the best way to brag is by inundating everyone’s news feeds with pictures of all the great times he’s having with you. It can be easy to slip into the “comfort” zone when you’re spending every waking moment with a dude. After enough time, you start to let things slide, fooling yourself into believing that you don’t have to spend your mornings washing, drying, ironing, teasing, and spraying your hair into perfection.  One poorly planned outfit could be the difference between a snap happy day and a night on Shutterless Island. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of “firsts” to be prepared for, because if your man don’t post, your relationship is toast.