Creeper's Guide To Thanksgiving

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Happy Thanksgiving, Creeps! If you’re the creeps we hope you are, you’ve probably isolated yourself with a year of brave decisions, and you’re wondering where you’re going to eat on this most joyous of days. Fret not, because there are still some great options left for you last-minute planners.


The Art Of Giving To Receive

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It’s that time of year again, the time when Americans start thinking about what they’re thankful for. Your news feed is probably already starting to clog with thinly veiled brags, where your friends list all the things they have that they know will make you jealous. And yet, despite these annoyances, Thank Goodness It’s Finally November! If there’s one thing to be grateful for this time of year, it’s that Santa Claus and his giant sleigh filled with loot are coming to town. The art of gift giving and receiving is a rich, highly complex subject that weighs on all American minds this time of year. Today’s lesson, Creeps, is The Art of Giving to Receive.


Getting Your Potty On: A Quick Guide To Bathroom Etiquette

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You probably think the bedroom is where the magic happens. Well think again!! Contrary to popular belief, the most magical room in a house is actually the crapper. Someone could probably write a whole book on bathroom etiquette as it relates to dating, but you’re a busy woman who doesn’t have time for all that. In the interest of saving you from hours of studying page after page of bathroom wisdom, we’ve provided a quick breakdown for how to get your potty on.