Thirsty Thursday: A Drink for Violet Rose

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Five Steps to Sex-ify Your Room

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So you’ve met that special someone and you’re ready to take the relationship to the next level… the Sex Level. The only problem is that your bedroom is totally generic and bland.

What with your boring posters and white walls, you seriously have no idea how a dude could pop a boner in there. 

FEAR NOT! By following these five simple steps, you can turn snooze central into sexy station.


How to be popular like Amanda Bynes

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If you’ve been anywhere near the internet this past month, you’ve probably noticed how much ATTENTION that Amanda Bynes has been getting from the media.  With over 1 million followers on twitter she is finally having her day in the sun.  If you want to be top dog like Amanda follow her cue. We’ve done our research and now we want to share the simple steps you can take to better emulate your new bestie, Amanda Bynes and catch your dream boy. You may not be “in the Mary-Kate and Ashley type of wealth [category],” but hey, if you have both thumbs and twitter account, you've already won half of the battle.


Drinking & Dating

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Think back to the funnest night you’ve had in the last couple months. Were you drinking that night? If you’re the average person, the answer to that question is: yEeEsSsS!! #yolo #becomeadonor #myliverhurts. Drinking makes everything better, and that includes dating. If you are with a potential mate, we advise you to impose a three drink minimum, but if that guy is cute, you will obviously multiply that number by three.

We’ve sifted through countless “case studies” (personal experience) and have boiled down the top 7 reasons why you should open up that gullet and chug. 


Don’t let that man turn into your missed connection!

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You know what I’m talking about here.  You see the guy (what a hunk!) and your tongue turns to rubber and your knees give out—all that confidence you’ve been building up in zumba class turns to nothing, just like that—it really makes you think, what is the point of exercising anyway?  I mean, we gals do everything we can to inflate our self esteem and then that rando babe, who just cut in line for the ATM, makes us lose our freaking cool?  Well, I personally can’t answer that question for you because I have abnormally high self esteem but for you losers out there, we have some great tips for how to keep your cool around that stranger who's smoking hot.


Choosing the Right Ho-Tag

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We live in the age of advertisements. Our Facebook news feeds are crammed with them, our youtubes are slowed by them, and our favorite man to dream about while teasing the tuna taco makes them. Ads are everywhere, and can be placed anywhere, which means, little lady, that you may not be taking full advantage of the ad space you’ve been given.

“What the frick does that mean?” you might be asking.

Well, you probably already knew that wearing a Nike swoosh across your boobs says to the world, “I only blow athletic dudes,” but did you realize that you can send guys messages on your SKIN TOO?!?! After extensive amounts of research, we’ve found five lower back tattoos that even Don Draper would be sold on.