Don’t let that man turn into your missed connection!

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You know what I’m talking about here.  You see the guy (what a hunk!) and your tongue turns to rubber and your knees give out—all that confidence you’ve been building up in zumba class turns to nothing, just like that—it really makes you think, what is the point of exercising anyway?  I mean, we gals do everything we can to inflate our self esteem and then that rando babe, who just cut in line for the ATM, makes us lose our freaking cool?  Well, I personally can’t answer that question for you because I have abnormally high self esteem but for you losers out there, we have some great tips for how to keep your cool around that stranger who's smoking hot.
lock and load that eye contact! BOOM!
Eye contact—you don’t know what to say?  Say nothing! I bet your voice sounds weird anyway, like a little baby mouse or something.  Let your eyes do all the talking for you.  As they say, the quickest way to a man’s underwear is through his pants, but the second quickest way is through eye contact!  Start by giving him some soft, sexual glances, lick your lips and let out a purr. Try to demonstrate for him how fun it would be to have sex with you, by giving him that bedroom eye stare down.  Gently rock your hips back and forth and switch it up with some gyrations.  Remember: it’s important to not look away once you catch his eye—don’t blink or he might disappear forever!

Wear something that draws attention to your assets
Keep a few pickup lines handy—You never know when you’re going to run into this guy.  Maybe at the grocery store, or your grandfathers funeral, maybe even waiting in line for a co-ed bathroom (cha ching)! Have some prepared conversation starters that are appropriate everywhere. Ask if he, ‘comes here often,’ it’s a great line because it will allow you to figure out where you can find him in the future and it shows you are interested in getting to know him on a personal level.  Another way to begin chatting with this stud is by introducing yourself and letting him know that you are single, fertile and ready for some fun. It’s important for you to make clear to him that you are ready for a LTR and super open to it being with him.  Give him a nice, hard handshake with that greeting, show him you’re ready to dominate the competition and win his loving affection for yourself.

Follow him—sometimes that guy is too far away for you to stop him, so you need to just go after him, that’s what they mean by ‘the chase’!  Following him will allow you to figure out where he goes, where he lives, and if he is off the market or available. If you happen to follow him to his job, pretend you are there for an interview; this will give you the opportunity to make him show you around the office, where you can scope out any potential female competition.  It’s always good to have some information about this guy before you go in for the kill, so keep your distance and follow him for as long as possible.  Make notes on the clothes he wears, the books he reads, and the places he stops for coffee.  If you catch him throwing something away with a possible DNA sample, save it and get it tested! There really is no such thing as too much information!

Repeat your favorite mantra—In order to keep your self esteem ready for the challenges of dating, it’s important to have a favorite mantra you can repeat at all times of day.  A mantra is a series of words that is able to create transformation, which is exactly what you’re trying to do.  Own that bad self of yours and let her shine with some cosmic words. Envision that confident girl that lives inside of you, not that boring loser you actually are, and pick a mantra that will help her come to realization.  Remember when Julia Roberts learned to, “Eat, Pray, Love”?  Well, baby you need to, “eat, pray, kill” or maybe even, "burn baby, burn."  Share your mantra with friends, repeat it to strangers, say it to yourself on the subway—you’re sure to be ready for anything if you say your mantra often enough!

Give him your number—This is an easy one.  Can’t think of anything to say?  You’ve been eye-fucking this hottie for the last 15 minutes on the subway and yes, you are still a pathetic loser who is tongue-tied—that’s okay! Just give him your number.  Write it down and hand it to him or just walk up to the guy, grab his hand and sharpie it right on there.  If he’s playing with his cell phone, grab it from him and enter your digits, your bold actions are sure to impress any guy.  You won’t say a word but he’ll know just how daring you are!

someone is getting lucky tonight!